Saturday, 21 April 2012

What a lovely day!

I had a fabulous Saturday courtesy of a brilliant Friday evening watching Dirty Dancing at the Mayflower Theatre, which led to a lazy lie in this morning followed by a beautiful sunny Saturday shopping with the lovely Amy!
We looked through every sale and shop to find the best bargains around, in true Pretty Posh Oh My Gosh style - and bought some pretty lovely things! I was very good, and only bought one thing - a pink dress from penny friendly Primark. Not only is the dress pretty & retro looking, it has a car print on it - how cool is that? They did some floaty stuff with cars on...

But I went for something a little more structured:

Apparently the car collection was inspired by Prada - and that's good enough for me. We also had an absolutely delicious meal at Wagamama's and it was the yummiest thing ever (and also my very first Wagamama's experience... not the last I assure you).
I've been doing a bit of shopping recently (and by recently I mean the last few months, not weeks, Mum) and dresses are definitely my thang. I especially love this 50's style Oasis beauty:

It was only £10 down from £45 - total bargain. Oh yeah, and while I was out I saw some amazing cushions in Matalan for £4 each - really super cute and so good for the price! Here are my personal faves: [you may recognise one from an earlier post ;)] 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend - tomorrow, I'm posting all about my new favourite £1 lipstick (yep - £1!), my usual Sunday Photo and profiling plaid shirts - the ultimate in laid back girl cool.


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