Thursday, 3 May 2012

#45 You Little Sweetie! Lip Balm Pots

A girl’s best friend is her lip balm – and all the better if that best friend has cute packaging, smells/tastes nice and doesn’t stick to any flyaway strands of hair that just happen to billow across your face through the torrential downpour and howling winds of May. Some of you may be sensing a pattern here, but can we have some sunshine now please? I’m sick of complaining about this weather. I don’t want anymore rain, I don’t own a hosepipe so I don’t care if there is a ban, and all this weather makes me want to do is curl up with a huge mug of hot chocolate and watch Glee.

All the lipbalms below have two things in common – they are made in gorgeous little jars made to look like little homemade preserves or honeypots, and they all taste AMAZING. Here we go:

The Pretty: Jammy Lips Raspberry Flavoured Lip Balm, £1.60 (also comes in Strawberry, Cherry and Honey!)

The Posh: Paperchase Bee My Honey Lipbalm, £4.00 

The Oh My Gosh: Dupenny Luxury Handmade Cherry Lipbalm, £9.95

Oh and just because I love eco-friendly products more than cake, (ok not quite, but definitely more than biscuits) how cute are these zesty little darlings at £2.99?

They’re completely organic and come in (L-R) Peppermint, Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit. Delectable!

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