Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Importance of a Happy List

I have a happy list. Well, actually, I have a happy list as of today. My name, Felicity, means happiness, and Lord I am in the eternal pursuit of it. Happiness comes in… happy times, actually, but all too often it seems like happiness is handbag shaped. Size 8 shaped. New shoes shaped. So I need a Happy List.

As you might have seen, I’ve been religiously healthy eating and walking EVERYWHERE – losing 5lbs and managing to loosen my clothes in the process. Whilst it’s been ok, and I haven’t died from the effort or boredom, it’s not been very fun. At all. So why have I been doing it…? If I’m honest, I don’t want to look bad in my holiday photos. That is the swear-on-my-life honest truth. Vain and petty? Probably. But don’t we all have that niggling at us in some way or form? I wish I could be the kind of care free person who manages to breeze through the summer season without a backwards glance at the mirror, but it isn’t easy. So how do I combat my self obsessed nitpicking?

The Happy List (which knows no bounds, no limits and goes a little something like this):

1. Earl grey tea. Calming, comforting, and reminds me of my Mum. Happiness in every cup.

2. Reading a good book. Truly good for the soul – and the girlier and trashier, the happier I’ll be.

3. Going for a dog walk… because my dogs are stupid and hilarious, and fresh air makes you feel fab.

4. Cake. Cake genuinely makes me happier, especially with a large dose of good friends to eat it with. (I really love French Fancies right now!)

5. Sunshine. Makes bad days good and it’s totally free.

6. A fresh Notebook. Mmmm, blank pages!

7. Laughter. No matter where, when or how.

8. Music. It’s mood changing, ups your Happy Meter and it’s almost free.

9. Spending time with my family – they’re honest, easy to be around and the best of the best.

10. Last but not least, my boyfriend. Because when it’s gloomy outside and I’m gloomy on the inside, he’s the first to give me a hug, make me a cup of tea, and let me choose the film. I love you.


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