Monday, 7 May 2012

I was holiday packing.

I thought I'd find it exciting, but I didn't because actually I wanted to watch Glee/order some books from Amazon/avoid the mountainous pile of ironing I need to do before we fly on Saturday. Anyway, I made a big big mug of Earl Grey (my favourite) and got down to it.
Normally I'd make a great big list and tick off everything I need as I go, but this time it's all a case of bunging it in to the suitcase and praying for sunshine (which, according to BBC weather, I will get).
I laid it all out very nicely as you can see, and I'm adding a pair of heels to that which will probably not be worn - the last time I went on holiday and brought heels they remained suitcase bound simply because they were too damn uncomfortable to bother. Oh and if you wondered where the holdall is from, I bought it in good ol' Primark for about £12. I deliberated as I couldn't decide if I violently loved or hated it - but it's looking good so far.
Oh and just because I need something cheerful amongst the ironing and hoovering and cooking dominating my life right now, I bought some white freesias in the Tesco's bargain bucket. Flowers that look as if they've been swept up from a garden/wood/country lane are my favourite, and white freesias smell divine and look parfait.

Have a good week y'all,

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