Sunday, 20 July 2014

Beauty Box #52

A good set of brushes is something we are constantly on the hunt for here at Pretty, Posh, Oh My Gosh! HQ! As a woman is only ever as good as her tools, investing in a decent set is worth much more than you can imagine, and it is only when you find a truly fabulous set that you will notice a huge difference.

Smashbox sent us a few to try out, and we fell in love with the soft bristles and easy to use nature of the brushes they have on offer- these are now a permanent fixture in our beauty boxes!

Smashbox Arced Liner Brush #21, £16, Smashbox Face & Cheek Brush #2, £39, Smashbox Definer Brush #5, £19.50

The Arced liner brush was great for using with a gel eyeliner to get the purrfect graphic eyeliner of SS14 and was cleverly bent in order to avoid any awkward face-hand-brush leaning incidents. It was super soft and an easy one to control- we love! The definer brush helped me really work a shadow into the corners and creases of my eyes whilst perfect blush and contouring was easily achievable with the face and cheek brush.

Trust us ladies, decent brushes are a worthy investment and Smashbox have it completely covered!

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