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Beauty Box in Portugal

Being the beauty product collector that I am (Felicity will tell you, she has seen my dressing table, bathroom sides and so on...), I always make a point of scoping out the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets when I am abroad to pick up new finds. The heartbreaking thing about this of course is that if you have a super find, you have to wait until your next trip to replenish it. Last year I showcased Baby Lips before they hit the UK. This time, I went a little crazier in Portugal spending a good £40 on some beauty pieces to try out- the delay in the post is a result of my over packing, and having to leave the products for my parents to bring back in the car as I was wayyy over the Easyjet limit. 

The products photograph incredibly in the Portuguese light and our villa has the perfect shot set up!

My Label Beauty Coco, Lima & Verbena Body Exfoliating Gel- around 5EURO
This was the least costly but best smelling item that I bought. My Label Beauty (from what I can establish) is the own brand of supermarket chain Continente. The coconut, lime and verbena scent is long-lasting and divine and the product exfoliates well without being too abrasive. I will 100% repurchase next time I am there and will buy in bulk has this is the best exfoliator I have ever used! 

Schwarzkorpf Gliss Hair Repair Mask with Liquid Keratin- Bamboo and Orchid Essence for Asia Straight Hair- around 9EURO
I too was a little shocked by the 'Asia Straight' description on this product, however, once I had translated the back of the packaging and tried the product out, I wasn't disappointed. Growing my hair out long means that it isn't in the best condition in the ends and Gliss certainly helped to intensely moisturise the ends leaving them softer and silkier than when I had started, even after a day or two. I think a few treatments are required of this, but I was really impressed with the results. The product smells like after sun (not great...) but it does seem to work! 

Labello Fruity Shine Peach Lip balm- about 3EURO
Who knows why I felt it necessary to buy another lip balm. I already have about 50 yet I couldn't leave this peachy one behind. Thank god I didn't, it smells and tastes divine and leaves a gorgeous peachy, shimmery tint behind. It also keeps lips moisturised without greasing them up. Winner. 

Fabrica Nally Benamôr Creme de Rosto- about 8EURO
My boyfriend has a few giggles over this one. I basically liked it because of its PPOMG worthy packaging, and so picked it up without really thinking about what it did. Google helped me find out that Benamôr is a unique vintage face cream. Dating from 1928, it is still today an effective anti-wrinkle cream: gives a slightly exfoliating effect, that will erase dark spots, freckles and is really great with depigmentation zones. It has been used by everyone from Salazar, Portugal’s last dictator, to Queen D. Amelia, Portugal’s last Queen. The packaging remains the same as when it was launched in 1928. I think that this cream is the equivalent of Nivea's Blue Tin in the UK and so far I am impressed. I don't use any face creams aside from my Clinique one daily as I find that I tend to break out, however, I am currently using this one twice a week and it hasn't made my skin greasy or breakout. It also still gets a 10/10 for cute packaging... 

Nivea Straightening Balm Straight&Gloss- about 7EURO
Nivea haircare is HUGE in Europe so I never really get why it isn't really available here in the UK. This straightening balm is a high-moisture, non-greasy formula which is perfect for keeping your hair poker straight. There are lots of similar products, but I do think that this has a great non-grease formula. 

Vasenol Aloe Fresh Moisturiser- about 4EURO
I've since spied this in Superdrug so it's not special to Europe, however, this was perfect for soothing sunburn and smells lovely. Anyone who already uses Vaseline moisturisers is likely to be a fan of the non-greasy formula which soaks into your skin perfectly and this doesn't disappoint...

I hope that you enjoyed this Beauty Box abroad feature! I am always dying to hear about things to look out for when I am abroad so please drop your tips in the comment box below!

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