Sunday, 26 October 2014

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I've had a couple of days off work recently (and by off, I mean working from home, because when do I ever do 'off'?) and it really made me think about my overall health in general. Following huge personal upheaval since May, I lost sight of it. I went from smoothie making, clean eating (with regular cheat meals, obvs) and working out every other day to grabbing what I could when I could and stressing - losing a stone in the process and achieving what I now affectionately term 'skinny flab'. 
Now life is no less busy but less stressful (and I managed to whip a few kilos back, hurrah!), I keep drifting back to the idea of re-establishing my previous healthy habits. I don't do diets (tried and tested, they don't work sustainably) and I love food, but my body is beginning to protest every time I chow down anything overly processed; headaches, fatigue, just feeling blah. I don't want to do the whole January overhaul (yawn) so I'm promising myself I'm going to reintroduce good ol' clean eats so I can quit feeling so damn run down and tired.   
Exceptions will be made for holidays - of course - so in that spirit I'm looking forward to Rome with Lauren in just under two weeks. Watch out for all the excited tweeting that's bound to occur! I speak a little Italian and love the place, so hopefully we'll have an amazing time. 

If you have any tips on Rome (or just healthy living, to take you back up the post), I'd love to hear them...! Tweet me @PrettyPoshOMG.

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