Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Weekend Edit | What We Bought

I’m a shopaholic. Or is that a browseaholic? I love a good browse. I love trying stuff on and twirling around in it, even if I have absolutely no intention of buying it whatsoever. How else are you meant to know what you like and what you don’t? I am always up for trying new styles, even if it probably won’t look great on my shape - it still has to be tried!

Anyway, when it comes to putting my money where my mouth is, I’m getting to a stage where unless I love it, unless I feel like dancing in it, or (if it’s beauty or homeware) unless I want to use it immediately, I won’t buy it. Lauren is way more impulsive than I am - I tend to really weigh up what I have in my wardrobe or have at home before purchasing. Blah blah blah over, here’s what I bought in the last few weeks!

I treated myself to two candles in TK Maxx (above). Anyone who knows me knows I love a good rummage, so it’s my idea of heaven (and others’ idea of hell, I know)! I bought Panier Des Sens Sa Majesté L’Oranger (Orange and Neroli) Candle, £4.99 and Lab Cracked Peppercorn Candle, £6.99.
Both of the brands are new to me (obviously the former is French, and seems to already have a great following online and in France) , and Lab is very new (est. 2014). The Panier Des Sens Orange and Neroli candle smells like a spa, and it’s a lovely Summery scent to take me through to the end of the season. The LAB (which stands for light aroma bliss) Black Peppercorn candle I’m saving for Autumn - I love candles that actually smell like a fresh herb or spice, and prefer singular scents to mixed as they’re so delicious and pure. I couldn’t believe the quality of both of these candles for the price - amazing!

Clothes and Shoes
I bought three new tops - a mustard Bella Lux tee from TK Maxx which was down to £8, a knitted sweater from Zara for £9.99 and a cute slogan tee from H&M for £4.
I also bought a lemon coloured pleated skirt in H&M for £17 (it went down again to £10 - don’t you just hate that?!) which I’ve already posted on instagram and adore.
Finally, shoes. I‘ve been very good and only bought one pair of shoes this month - the Clarks Dawson Revel, a laceless leather lemon coloured pointed brogue for just £16. Love. You may notice I have a slight thing with yellow right now, I can’t get enough of it!

I’m honestly trying hard to be less impulsive. Looking at your outgoings and planning to buy a house will do that, so I've invested a little more carefully this season...

With my cruise coming up in a couple of weeks, and my unbelievable excitement for the occasion, it's been near on impossible to not go nuts in the shops. I actually don't tend to shop online- I find it hard to judge sizes when online and so that helps me to save a little.

Clothes and Shoes

I did have two places where I spent up, Monsoon/Accessorize and Kate Spade.
Celebrations in my career were the justification for my Kate Spade splurge- I love the colour pop and New York chic designs, and I picked up a few bargains on a recent visit. As well as 50% off already, I picked up these beauties with an additional 30% off- they were practically giving them away..

The Garden Leaves Poplin midi skirt (down to £86.10) and Sleeveless Bow Vest Tee (just £18.90) make the perfect outfit for a summers day. Last week I felt a million dollars when I wore them together to the theatre along with the new Carrigan Green Kate Spade bag that I bought on this fab deal day- originally over £200, I picked it up for just £112...
I also snapped up a couple of lovely pieces in Monsoon which I had had my eye on before the sales- the Bonjour clutch was just £11 and the Lola dress down from £120 to £59. These two items will be perfect for my trip away- and beyond- I love nothing more than a good investment dress which I can wear for weddings and parties for years to come.

See you next week!
Felicity and Lauren

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