Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Beauty Picks

It feels like years since I last wrote one of these- and thinking about it- it's probably been at least 6 weeks because of my holiday! In that time we have unearthed some serious finds, so grab a cuppa and get comfy!

1. GOSH AW15 Launch
Just when we thought that we couldn't love GOSH anymore, we dropped into the AW15 launch and found some absolute gems! Firstly the #FoundationDrops, a smooth, flawless effect foundation which is perfectly hydrating and gives a good amount of coverage which you can layer up depending on how much you want. We love this because usually it's a case of full or BB style coverage, with no tailorable one (no one has all perfect days ever do they!), so GOSH has really hit the sweet spot on this one. We also loved the new nail care collection including Hardeners, based and oils all perfect for an at home manicure. These are really affordable, quick dry and the perfect addition to any nail kit. We also saw a new spiral brush Boombastic mascara which caught our eye- definitely saying something as mascara is rarely something we get excited about! And, as per usual the lipstick shades were so dreamy- Felicity adores Raspberry for a punchy autumn pop of colour and I adore Rose which is the ideal your-lips-but-better shade and super long lasting! Regular readers will know that our love for GOSH's affordable and classic products is very well founded, and their price is so unbelievable! With fabulous colour payoff on lipstick and long lasting effects on nail varnishes, we can't wait to see what GOSH shows us next time!

2. Eylure | Fleur de Force
As you know we are huge Eylure fans, and I am also a huge Fleur de Force fan. I watch hundreds of vlogs and tutorials every month and Fleur is my most watched by far- I find her funny, down to earth and incredibly normal. Of course she is a super vlogger who is lucky and talented enough to be a full time social talent and has launched her own book, but she is naturally stunning and lives in the countryside with her husband and dog- very much my #lifegoal! When I heard that FDF was launching an eyelash range with our favourite brand, I couldn't wait to get my paws on them- always a fan of the Eylure celebrity collaborations- Girls Aloud and Katy Perry to name a few, FDF is the best collaboration to date. In 4 styles covering everything from individuals to party eyes to everyday lash looks, Eylure and Fleur (hey it rhymes!) have really cracked the eye-drobe requirements and covered all bases. Lightweight and easy to apply, they are a sure winner for me and I'll be using them all winter long! My favourite are Simply Fleur, the light and everyday style which just add a little extra without being heavy or overbearing. Go Fleur!

3. Humble Brush 
A bit of an unusual one for our beauty box but we felt very strongly about including Humble Brush once we heard about their mission. Humble Brush produce eco friendly toothbrushes which help to save the planet and give back to those less fortunate. The brushes are made using one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, bamboo, which is biodegradable and also looks quite lovely too! If the planet mission wasn't enough, for every one of their brilliant brushes bought, Humble Brush will also give a brush to a child who is not lucky enough to have access to oral care equipment- a simple scheme which can make a huge difference! The Humble Smile Foundation travels the world providing oral health know how to children, as well as these lovely brushes to ensure that they are able to upkeep an oral care regime. We think this is a cause well worth supporting- it's amazing how much we take for granted, even things like having the knowledge and tools for brushing our teeth. Join us and buy a brush to support children world wide, using the #HumbleBrush for any social posting!

4. Superdrug Health
As we knuckle down into boots and tights, I'm definitely going to be looking after myself a little better this A/W- starting early with vitamins and a good winter skin regime to protect myself (and not make the late spring such hard work!). Superdrug have a superb range of bits and bobs to keep you on track as we head into winter, including this amazing Scholl Velvet Smooth diamond pedi tool. Flic had one of these last Christmas and was completely raving about it, so I was delighted to receive my own- easy and simple to use to achieve super smooth feet - without a costly trip to the pedicure salon! It helps to buff away dead skin, leaving my toes in tip top condition and without the fuss of a manual pumice stone!

5. Gel Touch
This is probably the big favourite for me this month. At Debenhams press day, I was treated to a manicure by the lovely ladies from Gel Touch- an innovative product which transforms any nail polish into gel (lasting around 7 days). It's 100% crucial that you allow each layer to dry and set properly before applying the next, or the finish will be ruined. It works by applying your favourite colour - 1 or two coats (remember, let it dry properly!) and then applying the clear Gel Touch formula and putting under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Wipe with the cleansing pad and voila- 7 day nails. I think it's actually quicker than normal nails as the last layer is set quick. They also have glitter finishes launching this winter - perfect for the festive season! The Gel Touch started kit is available at Debenhams for £49.99-- within two uses you have made back your monthly mani spend-- what an investment!!!

Wow, what a bumper post this month, we have an exciting skin post in October, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Until then, keep us posted on new launches etc!

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