Friday, 17 June 2016


A wedding and house on the plans has left us without a holiday this year- something I'm totally okay with sacrificing for these two huge life events! We have had lovely offers from family to join them, but have decided that staying here in the UK and focussing on our saving is the best way forward for us in 2016, moreover, hopefully we will honeymoon in 2017 too which is undoubtedly going to be the best holiday ever!

For those also staying put in the UK, I've pulled together a little guide on places which I adore to visit this summer...


Hands down the most beautiful place I've visited in the UK, city wise. I immediately felt at home there, it was incredible. Bath has such an air of classiness about it, without being snobby, you can absolutely see why it was the place to go in centuries passed.

We didn't visit the spa (a must for next time though I think!), but we wandered around the incredible shops, went to a fudge shop for afternoon tea. Bath Crescent is an absolute glory, so make sure you go and visit!

A top tip for staying there, instead of staying in Bath, which can be toppy if you don't get a good deal, we stayed in nearby Trowbridge at The Moonraker which we actually reviewed at the time. Have a read of the review which also has lots of pictures of this beautiful hotel, but my oh my, what a treat!


Ah gorgeous Cambridge. I definitely wish we had spent more time here late last year, and I can imagine that in the summer it would be utterly outstanding and beautiful. Punts on the river, along with all of the cutest tea shops you could imagine make Cambridge one of the most gorgeous places to have a long weekend in the summer.

You can walk miles in Cambridge admiring the stunning architecture of the colleges, and pick up a little picnic and eat it on one of the many lush grassy areas. Beret is optional :)


Ah what a love-hate relationship we have with London. Working here everyday does take some of the fun out of it, and I never appreciate Oxford Street as much as I did when I didn't live and work here, but there are some truly beautiful spots which are amazing for visitors. Last summer I made a point of going to some of the famous touristy places which I usually miss out on for fear of hoards of non-Londoners, but London Zoo is absolutely outstanding, and my ultimate highlight was a posh picnic from Harrods food hall eaten on the grass in Hyde Park, followed by fooling around on Boris Bikes.

Spots for shopping not to miss include Covent Garden, Selfridges and Camden Market. If you aren't local, then Buckingham Palace is a must, along with the surrounding parks. For ice cream in the summer, Scoop in Covent Garden will take some beating, we head there everytime!


I always used to holiday in Cornwall as a child, and at the time, hated it. My parents would take us to the place where they had holidayed, and we stayed in a beautiful clifftop caravan park, just a stones throw from the sea. I'm actually really sad that I never appreciated holidaying in Cornwall as a child, just last year we returned to have a bit of a nostalgic family holiday for Dad's big birthday, and I was utterly awestruck by how stunning the scenery and area was, and also by how lovely it was to escape London. 

Perhaps I never appreciated it as much then because I grew up in thick countryside, but I certainly plan to return the the beautiful Looe-Polperro-Talland Bay area of Cornwall in the future.

Must do's from me include a Cornish cream tea, Cornish ice cream and fudge and a trip to Fowey, which is a gorgeous picturesque coastal town!

I'd love to hear your staycation tips. Anywhere we shouldn't be missing out on?


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