Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wedding Wednesday | The Big Day

It's our final wedding wednesday with Etsy! We hope you've really enjoyed the series - thank you so much to Etsy for collaborating with us during this special time. With my wedding just 38 days away it's getting real... scary real! My final picks were essentials for the big day, so here's what I chose...


I feel like I should start with this one, because out of all the beautiful things we've been lucky enough to receive from Etsy, this is the only thing that gave me full on goosebumps. Maybe it's because it just looks so wedding-y with a pearlised envelope, or because I know I'll be getting ready with my Mum on the morning of our big day, but just imagining giving my Mum this beautiful Mother of the Bride card from Milabel Studios had me choked. Happy tears!


I really loved the beautiful hangers from Two Stories Gifts that I bought for my Mum, flower girl and pageboy but I fancied something different for mine. The brass French market style hangers have always caught my eye, so I decided I'd go vintage and ornate. This little beauty came from Curiosix in Rotterdam, but if you look around there's a few across Europe. I'm so pleased with this - worth shipping for sure!


We decided we'd get each other a gift (ok I got a few, my bad) and a card too... I was tempted to go for a jokey card, but as requested by the Groom went for a romantic card too. A personalised pocket square/handkerchief was something I've been thinking about for months and this gorgeous monogram style from A Little Foggy fit the bill perfectly.

As for a card, our band will be playing rat pack classics and some festive Bublé (naturally for December), so I chose a Sinatra quote card. This gorgeous one from Clap Clap Design came all the way from America, but I figured if there was one card I was ever going to splash out on, it was this one. It's beautiful.


Finally, I know I have my something old, new, borrowed and blue coming from my bridesmaids and Mum, but these earrings from AngeliquEve caught my eye. They're a little dramatic for day so I may switch to them in the evening for extra sparkle - if you can't on your wedding day, when can you?

Thank you so much to Etsy once more - we've loved every minute!
You've made our big days even more special.


Post in collaboration with Etsy; excitement, enthusiasm and handmade/vintage love 100% our own!

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